How to safely use hcg diet injections

The HCG diet plan is popular amongst many. This kind of diet comes with special injections that prevent the dieter from starving due to their low calorie intake. Doctors typically inject the hormones into the body of the dieter but there are people who do not have the time to visit their doctors. Kits can be provided by doctors to help people who cannot see their doctor for injections. Before performing injections on yourself you must consult your doctor. It is important to use a new needle during every injection to prevent infection. You must dispose of used needles properly for safety reasons as well. You can use the following procedures to help you with your hcg diet injections:

* In order to prevent infection use a swab dampened with alcohol. Use the swab to clean out bacteria in the area where you will make your injection.

* Wait for the alcohol to dry before the injection to prevent a stinging sensation.
* Gently pinch the skin and insert the needle into muscle. Do not pierce too deep into the muscle; it only needs the tip for successful injection.

* You can check to see if there is any blood in the syringe by pulling it back. If blood is found in the syringe choose a different spot for injection. You can perform your hcg diet injections as soon as you wish.

*Dispose of the needle quickly as soon the injection is complete. Do not be surprised if blood becomes visible after the injection. To stop the bleeding just apply a small amount of pressure. Swelling of the skin and redness is common after injections.

Before you take the shot there are a few things that you can do to prevent discomfort. To numb the skin you can put ice on the skin. Choose a new spot for every injection. The hcg diet injections must be at room temperature before injection. The procedure is not daring so you should not be tense. If your are tense the muscles will not take the injection properly. The procedure will become normal for you shortly. If you have any concerns be sure to meet with your doctor.

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