Fast way to lose weight

The American Heart Association says that adopting healthy eating habits permanently, rather than impatiently pursuing crash diets in hopes of losing unwanted pounds in a few days through fad quick weight loss plans.

What is a fad diet? It's a well marketed diet with some outrageous scheme to lose weight in an impossible manner, often by eating nothing but one food like a cabbage.

Quick-weight-loss diets generally put far too much emphasis on one particular food or type of food. They violate the first principle of good nutrition which is to eat a balanced diet including a variety of foods. If you are able to stay on such a diet for more than a few weeks, you may develop nutritional deficiencies, because no one type of food has all the elements a human being needs for good health. The Cabbage Soup Diet is a good example. This so-called fat-burning soup is eaten mostly with fruits and vegetables. People supposedly lost 10-17 pounds in only a week, eating mostly cabbage soup. Even if the weight loss claim were true, all the damage due to a lack of a host of important nutrients would far outweigh (pun intended) the benefits of losing the weight. There are no magic beans, or magic cabbages, or miracle foods when it comes to weight loss and good nutrition. Moderation in eating all the major food groups is the best bet.

These crazy diets also break a second important principle of good nutrition which is that eating should be enjoyable.. It's impossible to stay on these diets for a long time because they're so dull. Consider a week on the Cabbage Soup Diet. By Wednesday you'd dread meal time, and by Friday you'd never again want to smell a cabbage much less eat the soup. If you make it to Sunday you might die of a heart attack before you ever again tasted real food.

Boredom isn't the only reason fad diets aren't good ones. Many don't mention physical activity, for example, walking 30 minutes most or all days of the week. Physical activity helps maintain weight loss, while physical inactivity is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. When a diet includes no need for a workout, run the other way.

Quick weight loss sounds great. It is realistic. Just don't fall for tricks or gimmicks that might end up destroying your health.

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